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grace house

Camryn Denver

Posted on March 03 2020

grace house
giving hope to girls in foster care
Foster care is something that really hits home for us. As most of you know, we are founded on a personal story that includes a little girl named Pague. This little girl is who we named Poppy & Rose after and we actually had plans to foster her. Although it did not work out the way we wished it would, we opened Poppy & Rose as a way to love & honor her even though she is still across the world. 
Poppy and Rose is proud to have a relationship with the Grace House of Alabama and their contributions to ensuring secure, Christian homes for young women in the foster care system. Located in Fairfield, Alabama, this non-profit organization has given 25 years of commitment to ending the cycle of abuse and poverty through education and empowerment of Gods love. 
This program has residential housing for young women who have been removed from their parental homes. As they are placed in state custody, these women are given the opportunity to live in homes suited for the ages of six to eighteen. These homes are nourished with home cooked meals, daily devotions and live-in house parents. Then, they are welcome to join transitional housing that is designed for women who are outgrowing the foster care system. They are offered the chance to find available resources to live an abundant life through professional guidance and Gods love.
Aside from the residential experience, Grace House offers educational and spiritual guidance to their women. There is a campus school that serves to educate their women in a way that isn’t similar to a traditional schooling system. It is a private school setting serving 16 women with two certified teachers. They also are given the chance to attend school through nearby schooling systems in the area. Life skills, volunteerism and spiritual guidance is also given through additional programming. 
Centered around Gods love and the opportunity to love their life, the Grace House is something that Poppy and Rose is proud to be a part of. Especially since foster care hits very close to home for us. Hence, Pague, the little girl we named Poppy & Rose after! When you shop with us, we want you to radiate your compassion whether it is through something you’re passionate about or something we have adopted to love. Through the Grace House, we are able to offer donations of love and financial assistance thanks to the support you all give through Poppy.
If you are passionate about foster care, please consider choosing Grace House as your non profit of choice when making a purchase with us!

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