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our first intern

Camryn Denver

Posted on May 18 2020

our first intern
What. An. Experience. 
Interning with Poppy and Rose was the ultimate experience, both academically and personally. Months prior to beginning my journey with Poppy, I found myself constantly worrying about the next big step I needed to take within my degree and well, my life in general. Things felt rather complacent in my world and I knew I needed something to not only learn from, but to grow with. Poppy and Rose had always caught my eye. I mean, who doesn’t love affordable clothing with an even better mission? The balance between social media marketing and fashion was always something I found an interest in and Poppy fulfilled this interest of mine plus a whole lot more.
Whether I was creating new graphics to post for the week, traveling to Carlie and Angie’s home on a Tuesday, dancing to Kacey Musgraves on a Sunday photoshoot or walking around the Atlanta Market with the girls, I knew God had placed this internship in my life for a true reason. I have learned a lot through this company and it wasn’t just about social media or the next trend. It was mostly about learning to love what you do so that you can allow others to love it, too. This internship was something that made me absolutely proud to be a part of and helped me gain confidence within myself. I know that moving forward, I will always have Carlie and Angie by my side. 
Poppy and Rose will always hold such a special place in my heart. The growth I witnessed from January to May was so incredible so I know it will only get better from here! When you shop with Poppy, you really are contributing to something bigger than you would ever believe. To say I will miss this internship is an understatement. Thank you for letting me join this team and loving me despite our circumstances (thank you, corona.) Thanks to Poppy, I am grateful to now know the hard work, commitment and love it takes to run a small business. I can’t wait to see continued success!
Here’s to Poppy & Rose, Kacey Musgraves and Taco Mama! Thank you, for having me.
All my love,


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