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the well house

Camryn Denver

Posted on February 11 2020

the well house

T H E  W E L L  H O U S E






The Well House PandR SitDown (1).mov from Carlie Nall on Vimeo.





The Well House is a shelter for survivors of human trafficking no matter their circumstance. This home is a safe haven for individuals that are known as Overcomers because that is truly what they can do when seeking help from the Well House. This home provides 24 hour assistance to women needing direct assistance that is not only safe, but hopeful. 



Aside from residential assistance, the Well House provides spiritual, mental, physical and emotional services, too. The goal is to offer guidance and love through sincere impact. The process of the Well House begins directly with rescue and works through transitional phases until women are ready to indulge into their life of freedom whether that is through college, armed services or with family. Despite it all, the Well House works to stabilize and promote healthy lives.



The year 2020 brought upon the 10th anniversary of the Well House and the incredible work they have been achieving. They have not only given women the tools to live an abundant life, but they share their story with pride. Their website is a profound resource to learn more, read blogs, get involved and even know survivor stories. You can donate, volunteer and become a part of the mission yourself, too. Through their willingness to always add more hope, Poppy and Rose is able to also do their part in this amazing journey. 



"I worked with human trafficking victims while working in Thailand, so it is something I am passionate about. We are so excited to be partnering with them! When you are shopping with us, you have to option to select the Well House as your cause you would like us give back too" owner Carlie Nall says. Poppy and Rose will also be carrying a jewelry line, Shop Well. Each piece is handmade by women who are currently residing at the Well House. We are thrilled to share these pieces with you on our website! 



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